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TV Shows

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개발자: oWorld Software
2.99 USD

Are you a big fan of TV series? Here is THE software application!

Get the most complete mobile phone software right on your iPhone.

The application displays information regarding episodes that were broadcast last night, or that will air today or tomorrow:

- Name of the series
- Summary (in English) of the episode
- Season number
- Broadcasting station

Obviously, not everyone watches the same series. Thats why the application can be totally personalised, with a powerful search engine inside, you just add the series that you want to follow in your personal list! Enter "Prison" in the Search field and add "Prison Break" to your list of series.

More than 1000 series are available in the database! You wont just find recent series (such as Fringe), youll also find good old series such as Dallas.

As far as each series goes, youll be able to look up all information related to the various seasons, the number of episodes, broadcast dates, etc...

Cant wait to see an episode? Easily watch the episode trailer on your iPhone!

In short, its a fully customisable application thats designed to be very easy to use.

Of course, you need an internet connection when you add a series. But once youve added the series, the data is stored in the iPhones internal memory and you can then use the application without any internet connection… thereby allowing you to enjoy a very smooth application… its all good :)

As you know, this application will allow you to follow American TV series in an optimal fashion, without missing an episode of your favourite series or having to constantly ask yourself the same questions (when exactly is the next 24 airing again?).

WARNING: This application doesnt allows you to watch episode on your iPhone.